Owner Susan Devlin has now been using her platform as a business owner for over 14 years to raise money for local charities and causes, and in her most recent endeavor and proudest accomplishment, Susan is now a member on the Board of Directors to The Phoenix House, a non-profit organization providing emergency shelter and rehousing services for mothers and their children. Operating more than 120 programs across 10 states, the scope of The Phoenix House’s impact on families is immense. Not only do they offer evidence-based care to teens, adults and families, as well as unique programming for mothers with young children (and mental health services for the military community), but their adolescent program offers teens residential care while attending on-site, accredited high schools.

In addition to raising money and goods for the Phoenix House, Nurture Salon will be donating time and services to members preparing for job interviews with their sights on the future. Thanks to The Phoenix House, Susan’s reach can now spread beyond the confines of her local community as she expands from simply improving lives – to changing them.

In addition to The Phoenix House Susan has also raised money and made donations to the below list of organizations throughout the years. A natural born empath, Susan’s capacity to give is all encompassing, and her passion for humanity- contagious. In laying the ground work, she’s made it easy for the rest us to help better the lives of others too. To help pay forward her generosity and compassion for those in need, please consider making a donation to an organization that touches your heart. For those who cant give financially, remember you can also give of your time, energy, or love!

Help make a difference by making a donation:

For specific inquiries about The Phoenix House, please email Susan at: