If you feel like the art of conversation has been lost thanks to technology, you’re not alone. There’s a place however, where devices are silenced, and genuine human interaction is restored. It’s called the Salon. Because being in the salon chair cultivates an environment where one has little choice but to be still, relax, and enjoy a good old fashioned chat. In that spirit, we welcome you to Chair Chat!

Deviating from the typical salon blog prototype, we aim to cover a broad range of every day topics whispered across the chairs to reflect that old school salon camaraderie, when our stylists knew more about us than our therapists! From beauty bites, to the latest on products, technology and trends, we’ll also get personal with dating talk, new foodie discoveries and local happenings. Complete with a Q&A Section and tutorials for all levels of experience, it is our hope to bring you information, inspiration and some laughs along the way.

Susan Devlin